Goliath Grouper Eats Shark Video Goes Viral But Why?

Fishermen seemingly bait the goliath grouper with the shark.

Now that Shark Week is done for another year, these fishermen thought they’d turn the tables on the shark. Fishing off of Bonita Springs, Fla, these fishermen catch what looks to be a small 3-4 foot reef shark. They are playing around with it at the surface in what looks like an attempt to bait the larger goliath grouper (Epinephelus itajara) that is lurking under the shark. When they pull the shark to the surface, the grouper makes its move and nails the shark, seemingly devouring it in a few gulps.

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Now groupers devouring small sharks on fishing line is nothing new. Just search grouper eating shark on Youtube and you will see plenty of videos, but those videos aren’t as contrived as this one seems to be where the fishermen are seemingly “baiting” the grouper to attack the shark.

Goliath grouper eats shark. Screengrab from Youtube


Based on my experience, it is illegal to use game fish as bait and I am pretty sure that sharks are gamefish. At any rate, you have to appreciate the ferocity of the grouper, a critically endangered fish that can easily attain 700 lbs.

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