Goldfish Kept Afloat With Cork And A Clothing Tag

Owner fashioned a floating device to help it stay upright.

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This goldfish was having trouble swimming, so its owner fashioned a flotation device with a cork and a clothing tag to help it swim upright. Photo via This goldfish has what looks to be swim bladder disease. Photo by Reddit user leability.
John Virata

By the looks of it, this goldfish may have swim bladder disease, which basically prevents it from swimming upright. So, the owner did what he thought would help the fish by suspending a piece of cork above the goldfish with a clothing tag not unlike what you would find on the back of your shirt.

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Aquarium Fish Constipation

Identifying and Treating Swim Bladder Disease

Swim bladder disease is often associated with constipation and one of the treatments, as pointed out on Reddit, is to feed the fish tinned peas, either whole opt squashed. This is said to act as a laxative. Other foods to consider feeding a fish with swim bladder disease includes plants such as Elodea and Egeria and live foods such as Daphnia and brine shrimp. An easier solution is to feed your goldfish vegetable based foods instead of pellets or  flakes.

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