Golden Retriever Holds Leash While Walking

Redirect his attention with a tempting toy so he won't hold the leash while walking.

Q. My 5-month-old Golden Retriever likes to hold his leash in his mouth when we go for a walk. How can I stop this?

A. Many retrievers seem to having something to carry. Your pup carries the leash because it’s located conveniently near his mouth. If you give him something else to carry instead, he’ll probably happily accept it. Take a toy on walks with you. When your pup grabs the leash, wiggle the toy to make it “lively” and interesting, and give it to him to carry.

Choose a toy your pup likes and tie a string to it. Fasten the other end of the string to the handle of your leash. It will keep you from losing the toy if your pup gets bored carrying it and drops it along the way.

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Behavior and Training · Dogs