Golden Retriever Has A Blast Playing With A Ball By Himself

A video of a Golden Retriever playing with a ball in the backyard captures the essence of dogs.

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Dog plays with ball
Playtime! Via Angusthegolden/Rumble
Stephanie Brown

Dogs love to play. And we love to watch dogs play, especially the Golden Retriever in this Rumble video posted by user Angusthegolden.

In the video, which is sneakily shot through the window of a house, 7-month-old Angus is hanging out in the yard when he spots his ball, and boy is he excited to have found it! Angus immediately picks it up with his teeth and plays a solo game of fetch. Either that, or he hasn’t figured out how not to drop the ball and has to keep chasing after it. Whatever the case, he definitely is having a blast by himself.

Yes, it’s best if you can play with your dog but no one can play with their dog all the time. Plus, it’s good if they can entertain themselves. Bored dogs can get into trouble.

So let’s just enjoy this for what it is: a moment of unbridled doggy joy.

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