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Golden Retriever Dog Breed

About the Golden Retriever

A mix of sporting breeds, the Golden Retriever is the ideal hunting dog and companion. Smart and easy to train, they excels in obedience and win friends wherever they go. Golden’s make wonderful family pets. They are great with children and also excel as guide dogs. More>>

Top Ten Golden Retriever Dog Names

BuddyFriend; brother. (English)BaileySteward; in charge. (English and French)
MaxThe greatest. (Latin)SadiePrincess. (English and Hebrew)
GingerHeld by the heel; supplanter. (Hebrew)DaisyEye of the day; synonym for Sun. (English)
MaggiePearl. (Greek)BellaBeautiful. (Latin)
JakeHeld by the heel; supplanter. (Hebrew)CodyHelper. (Irish)

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