Going to the Dog Park? Check Out the 5 Types of People You’ll Likely Meet There

You just know you’re going to come across at least one of them.

Dog Park


Ah, the dog park. It’s a place for your dog to get fresh air, play and hang out with other dogs. As the humans to these creatures, we often worry that another dog will bite them (or that our dog will bite another dog), that our dog might not socialize well with other breeds or that the trip to the dog park just won’t go as smoothly for our dogs as we’d like.

But what we often forget is that the dog park is a place where things might not go too smoothly for us. Interacting with other humans with dogs can be fun – we have lots in common and we might form a friendly bond. However, there are some people – 5 types of people to be exact – that we inevitably come across during a dog park visit at least once… if not every time. JustAnotherProductionProductions posted a hilarious video of these types of people, and we’re guessing that you’re familiar with every single one of them.

Who hasn’t run into The Know-It-All Owner, The Douchebag Owner, The “I Don’t Belong Here” Owner, The Overprotective Owner or The Underprotective Owner? If you have, be sure to share your story with us in the comments.


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