Godzilla Vs. Dogzilla

Without the proper training, one will destroy your metropolis and the other will destroy your carpet.

I am getting very excited for the summer blockbuster Godzilla to be released later this week, so I thought I’d get into the King of Monsters spirit by sharing my 5 favorite dog encounters with the reptilian behemoth.

1. Who can forget this classic Taco Bell commercial from 1998, which featured Gidget the Chihuahua trying to capture Godzilla by way of free tacos? It seems his plan was just slightly half-baked (or, rather, half-fried?) when he realized his cardboard box was a few sizes too small to catch the beast.


2. Here’s an epic showdown between Godzilla and a Schnauzer from a video posted on YouTube in 2010. Spoiler alert: Godzilla is no match for Jodie the dog. Might have to do a little bit with the size and maneuverability difference, though!

3. Not every dog has the guts to stand up to Godzilla. It’s okay, we don’t judge.  This Golden Retriever decides to take refuge behind a shower curtain in order to hide from the lurking menace.

4. No monster movie watching experience is complete without the proper beverages. The Laughing Dog Brewery in Idaho brews an American Black Ale called Dogzilla! While we encourage you to taste this piney and citrusy beer, we remind you to drink responsibly if you are anticipating a monster attack. You will need a clear head to make your escape!

dogzilla beer

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5. No movie-related dog post is complete without appropriate costume options. Dressing your dog up as Godzilla might be fun, but don’t let it go to his head as it could be a surefire way to give him some destructive inspiration!



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Do you have a dog-related Godzilla experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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