GoDaddy Puts Cats In Hats For Its New (And Funny) Commercial

The web-hosting company's new ad campaign focuses on small business owners, including one cat hat-obsessed woman.

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See the many cat hats that are for sale on GatoChapeau. (Or that would be, if the site existed).

During this year’s Super Bowl, one long-time advertiser was noticeably absent from those insanely expensive commercial breaks. GoDaddy, the domain and web-hosting company, chose not to run an ad during this year’s big game, bringing an end to ten years of controversial commercials (and ten years of scantily clad models and occasional NASCAR drivers). Instead, GoDaddy has quietly launched a new campaign, one that has traded women in catsuits for actual cats… in tiny little hats.

The latest spot features a quirky (and fictional) GoDaddy customer named Johanna, who makes all kinds of hats for cats.

“I help a cat express his or her personality,” she says in the ad. “The right style of hat can have a very positive impact on a cat’s self-esteem.”

As the two-minute extended cut unfolds, Johanna buys the domains for her small business ( and where she can successfully sell her products. The tag line for this campaign — which hopes to attract very real small business owners — is “Go You, GoDaddy.”

The right hat probably could help a cat's self-esteem. Via GoDaddy/YouTube

The right hat probably could improve a cat’s self-esteem. Via GoDaddy/YouTube

The best part (other than hearing about Johanna’s one woman show, about a cat who is allergic to other cats) is that GoDaddy actually created a website for her fake business, and it allows you to upload pictures of your own cat so they can model her creations. If you really want to buy a hat for your cat, don’t worry: There is a real website for that.

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