Go With The Flow

Follow this flowchart to help you understand the possible causes of your ferret's aggression and ways to overcome it.

Figure out what is triggering your ferret's aggressionYour ferret is acting aggressively! It could be fighting, biting or attacking humans and/or other animals. This flowchart can help you identify the type of aggression and — hopefully — find a reason and treatment. Ferrets are individuals, so while this chart can help identify most reasons for aggression, exceptions always exist.

This chart combines and separates some traditionally defined behaviors for the simplicity and clarity of the flowchart format. No flowchart can capture the complexity of behavior or the subtle interaction of various types of aggression. Multiple factors could cause a ferret’s behavior. 

Also, not all the listed behaviors are intended by ferrets to be aggressive. Many ferret play behaviors are included because these get misinterpreted as aggression. 

Use this chart only as a guideline. If your ferret does not respond to suggested therapies, please consult a veterinarian for advice. 

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