Gnaw? Naw! Why Does My Cat Chew My Hair?

It seems strange to us but chewing hair makes sense to our cats.

How to have long hair and cats who won't chew it. Via Pixabay

My cat is sooo cute, but I do have a question. Why does he like chewing on my hair? —Donna Bates

It does seem like a weird thing to do, but chewing on your hair makes sense to your cat. In fact, if you were a cat instead of a human he’d probably lick your fur. Cats groom each other in order to bond and show affection. Your pet thinks you’re a cool cat, so take that as a compliment. Unless your cat is obsessive about grooming your head, which could indicate he’s stressed out and trying to self-soothe, you don’t have anything to worry about. Fortunately, it’s now winter and wearing a wooly cap around the house will keep you warm and protect your hair from cat mouths.  Maybe he’d like a cat roommate to hang out with (if he doesn’t already have one) or a stuffed, catnip-infused toy for redirecting his affection.

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