Gloriously Lazy Cat Refuses To Use His Legs To Get Down The Stairs

This cat might be part Slinky.

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"Using my limbs was sooo last week." Via 纪由屋/Facebook

Have you ever forced your eyes open in the morning, reluctantly shoved your blankets to the foot of the bed and then debated whether you could even summon the strength to go down the stairs? When you’re in that position, you either have to force yourself to use your lower body, call to see how long it would take someone to deliver an escalator or do what this cat does.

This gray and white cat is basically the patron saint of laziness, choosing to limply slide down a flight of stairs instead of doing something as strenuous as standing up. (Just don’t confuse this lazy staircase cat with that other lazy staircase cat). And then when he’s finally slipped to the next-to-the-last stair, it’s like he just decides, “Yeah, that’s close enough.”

We could all learn a lot from this gloriously unmotivated animal: about not wasting movement, about finding your momentum or about remaining passive when you’re confronted by an obstacle. But mostly he’s just taught us how to get down a flight of stairs without using our feet.

Thank you, listless cat. Thank you.

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