Globe Bird Feeders

The clear dome on globe feeders attracts wild birds like chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and finches.

Excerpted from “Feeder Facts?in “Popular Birding Series: Backyard Birding,?lt;/em> published by publisher I-5 Publishing LLC.

Globe bird feeders, also called satellite bird feeders, are generally clear plastic or glass, designed to allow birds to easily spot your feeding station and allow you to see when the feeder needs refilling. This bird feeder attracts small songbirds ?such as chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and finches ?as well as some woodpecker species.

Some globe bird feeders are designed with a hopper inside that dispenses birdseed on demand, sometimes through one or more holes in the globe and sometimes with a feeding shelf. Globe bird feeders with feeding holes thwart larger birds that tend to dominate many bird feeders; the small birds can cling to the bottom to feed.

Most globe bird feeders are intended to withstand the weather, especially rain, which is a nice feature in damp climates. Clean the bird feeders regularly to prevent seed from becoming moldy.

Globe bird feeders also can be made from ceramic, terracotta or wire, so the material you choose depends largely on your aesthetic. Because globe bird feeders are mainly for smaller birds, you can place them close to your home (and not risk being woken up on Sunday morning by Blue Jays or Northern Mockingbirds) or use them as secondary feeding stations to keep the bigger birds away from the smaller birds?buffet.

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