Giving Back to Pets and People

Here are some pet-product companies that are striving to help out the community.

The pet community is a tightly knit group and when times get rough, everyone rallies around each other. The reasons are clear — this is a world that revolves around the care and well-being of living, breathing animals. The people who work in this industry can be pretty big-hearted as a result. Many companies are doing their share to help pets and owners in need. Here’s a small sampling:

Nurtured Pets 
Nurtured Pets nurtures the pet community by donating products to qualifying shelters, animal sanctuaries, humane societies and local pet advocacy chapters and clubs. They also offer several discount programs and sales support to their dealers, such as brochures, DVDs, branded T-shirts and pens, referral sales, web analytics and how-to guide on product uses.
Like the name says, this company specializes in pet ID tags and finding pets via electronics. It donates ID tags to any rescue group or shelter in the U.S. or Canada that’s interested in giving them out with every adoption. The company frequently exhibits at consumer pet shows where they hand out free tags with a free year of service. Customers can continue the service for $6.95 per year after that.

Central Life Sciences
Central has participated in the Arizona Humane Society annual Pet Telethon, donated products to local nonprofit animal welfare organizations, and has initiated a $10 rebate for qualifying Comfort Zone products.

Harry Barker
The folks at Harry Barker do a lot for the community, including donating cat products, such as beds and food-storage cans, to both local and national shelters and rescues. They also give back to the human community by employing individuals from the HOPE Services program to help package their pet products. HOPE Services is a nonprofit agency that helps children, adults and seniors with developmental disabilities participate in their communities.

Angelical Cat Co.
This company lives up to its name. Angelical Cat has temporarily frozen prices to help consumers through the economic crunch (although the company says it will raise them again soon). The company also offers discounts to shelters and rescues and, on the rare occasion a piece of furniture is damaged during shipping, you guessed it — it goes to a shelter or rescue in need. Customers are also welcome to add a couple of bucks to their order. It will go toward kitties in need.

Through the WellPet Foundation, the company provides financial support and donates pet food to local and national organizations. A recent monetary donation was made to the Lowell, Mass., Humane Society to help the group care for more than 30 cats that had been rescued in the month of November alone.

Caserta Pets
This company offers the Rescue Collection, designed specifically with rescued pets in mind. It includes collars, leashes, charms and more and features messages like “Love Rescues.” Five percent of the line’s profits go to rescues.

Feline Fido
Feline Fido has created the “Save Lives, Spay & Neuter” line of collars, leashes and key fobs as a way to support fundraising and education. Proceeds from the collection help reimburse medical expenses for spay and neuter, vaccinations and surgeries to qualified rescues and shelters.

Caring for Both Ends of the Leash
Caring for Both Ends of the Leash is a program consisting of Breeder’s Choice, Coastal Pet Products and Planet Dog that will donate a portion of the proceeds from breast cancer awareness-themed dog and cat products to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Freelance writer and editor Elisa Jordan shares her Long Beach, Calif., home with her two cats: a British Shorthair, Spencer, and a domestic shorthair, Roscoe.

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