Give Your Cat The Opportunity To Ruin The Mona Lisa With This Scratching Post

A Dutch designer said he got the idea after his own cat scratched through one of his paintings.

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Priceless art and your cat's claws. What could possibly go wrong? Via Studio Erik Stehmann

Have you ever seen the Mona Lisa? Or, more accurately, tried to see it in person at the Louvre, where she smirks at you from behind a sheet of protective glass? It’s impossible. The room is absolutely swarming with people who are trying to get selfies, throwing elbows while they hold up their iPads to take pictures (I KNOW. The iPad people are THE WORST) and otherwise ruining any possible chance you had of enjoying that particular artwork. It obviously needs to be destroyed — and who better to do it than your cat?

A Dutch designer named Erik Stehmann will give your cat the chance to wreak several claws’ worth of havoc on the Mona Lisa, because he has turned Leonardo da Vinci’s best-known subject into a scratching post. He has copied the painting onto sisal fabric and wood and hopes your cat will scratch his own signature onto the artwork.

You might not look that serene in another 5 or 6 minutes, lady. Via Studio Erik Stehmann

You might not look that serene in another 5 or 6 minutes, lady. Via Studio Erik Stehmann

“When my cats attacked an embroidered painting at home, I was able to see the humor in it, resulting in the idea for the Copycat Art Scratcher,” Stehmann wrote on his website.

The Copycat Art Scratcher is available from Studio Erik Stehmann for €169 ($190) and it takes up to four weeks for delivery. Yes, that’s expensive, but it’s waaay cheaper than bail money, should you decide to take your frustrations out on the real thing.

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