Give Rabbits Shelter

Know the ins and outs of rabbit habitats: where to place them, what kind to get and how to keep them clean, safe and fun.

Written by
Anastasia Thrift

Give Rabbits ShelterThe folks who maintain and facilitate rabbit rescues have housed countless creatures. In addition to saving critters, they know their way around a rabbit’s home.

They advise that for a happy rabbit, balance out the activity and quiet time experiences. You want to socialize it, but never cause it anxiety. This key concept helps in placing your rabbit’s house within your own home. 

“Rabbits are very social and want to be part of what’s going on in the home but also they want to feel safe and protected,” said Tim Patino of Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary in Whittaker, Mich. “I would not recommend putting them in the highest traffic area, but an area where there is household activity would be the best placement — not in a room or area of the house that no one ever goes into.”  

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