Give Cats a Chance!

It's time for the media to be fair and accurate in how they portray felines.

Don’t TV and movie producers have cats? Apparently not. I’ve argued for years that cats and dogs aren’t treated equally on the big or the small screen. An example that I frequently use is from the 1997 Tim Allen movie Jungle 2 Jungle. In one scene a boy uses a blowgun to shoot a cat. Worse yet, this is a comedy, so it’s supposed to be funny.

Skewed idea of funny? Well, I argue that if a puppy were shot in the same scene instead of a Himalayan cat, audiences would be horrified. They just wouldn’t accept it, and moviemakers inherently know this.

“All I knew growing up was the lesson that cats are devious based on Lady and the Tramp, lots of other movies and by what my parents reinforced,” says Dusty Rainbolt, a cat book author who now rescues cats and kittens in Lewisville, Texas. And where did her parents get the notion that all cats are devious, narcissistic and scary?

Does the media affect the populous or the other way around? Or both?

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