Give an Adoption Kit, Not a Dog

The hectic holiday season is not the best time to get a new pet.

Most people cannot spend an appropriate amount of time to wisely select a new puppy or dog during the holiday season, says the American Humane Association, a welfare organization for both children and animals.

In addition, the holidays are a hectic time to add a pet to any family. You have shopping and baking to do and parties to go to. These all reduce the amount of time you can help your new dog get acclimated. Frequent visitors may upset a dog that’s just learning about its new home. And the chance of an escape increases each time your front door stands open as your guests arrive and depart.

So, rather than trying to find the perfect canine for your family in the next two weeks, consider putting an adoption kit under the tree or menorah.

In the kit you can include a certificate for adoption at your local shelter, toys, a collar, leash, and food and water bowls.

By giving a kit instead of a dog, your family can visit the shelter together after the holidays and spend time choosing the pet that’s best for you, says AHA. Finding the right puppy or dog can take several visits.

Then you can calmly introduce your new dog in January after the hubbub of the holidays ends. 

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