Give A Mouse Light

Provide natural light for a healthy mouse.

The best lighting for mice is natural light filtered through a window. Direct sunlight is not good, and can injure or kill your mice if allowed to shine directly on the cage.

Mice need from 10 to 12 hours of natural light per day to stay healthy. If you put your mouse in a room near a north-facing window, the light will mimic what it would find if your mouse lived outdoors. Rooms with windows facing other directions are suitable for your mouse, although the cage should not be located near the window because direct sunlight can be harmful to your small pet.

View Nocturnal Activity
If you want to watch your mice’s activities at night without disturbing them, you can place a lamp with a red bulb near your cage. The mice won’t be bothered by the red light, but the glow will enable you to watch them in their nocturnal activities.

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