Girls Write A Newspaper For Their Cat To Read While In The Litter Box

Everyone needs something to read while going to the bathroom. Even cats, apparently.

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Stay tuned for Breaking Mews. Via PageSideRageSide/Reddit
Chrissa Hardy

We should really let kids be in charge of all things creative. Their imaginations are vast expanses of pure joy.

A perfect example of that is a newspaper that two girls created for their cat “Baba” to read while doing business in the litter box. Redditor PageSideRageSide shared a picture of Baba enjoying their content.

Baba likes to be informed. Via PageSideRageSide/Reddit

There appears to be a section on hurricanes, a story about a cat winning a pageant of some kind, an ad for a “Purshy’s” candy bar, and of course, a “Pawlitics Update.”

After the photo was shared on Reddit, it was then shared on Twitter, and the reviews of the girls’ paper were overwhelmingly paws-itive.

Seriously, these sisters need to make their own blog.

What she said.

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