Girl’s Stolen Dog Returned Thanks To Facebook Post

The story of a missing Chihuahua named Caramel went viral and led to the dog's safe return.

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Lexie welcomes Caramel home. Find Caramel/Facebook

It can be easy to get down on social media, especially after you scroll past the 10,000th Kardashian-related tweet or read yet another humblebrag from that girl you never even liked in high school. But then you hear Lexie Taylor and Caramel’s story, and it all seems worth it.

The Essex, England girl was devastated when her beloved Chihuahua was stolen from her home, spending her 8th birthday wishing for nothing but Caramel’s return, Sky News reports. Not only was Caramel Lexie’s best friend, but the dog also helped encourage Lexie, who has juvenile arthritis, to be more mobile. In an attempt to get the dog back, the family set up a Find Caramel Facebook page.

The social media appeal went viral, attracting the attention of many news outlets, including Sky News. The Facebook page itself racked up more than 15,000 likes. Then a miracle happened: A woman who had just purchased Caramel from an unidentified seller saw the coverage and immediately contacted Lexie’s family.

Caramel was returned home on Monday, after nearly two weeks away.

“Both Lexie and Caramel have played together so much and are now snuggled up on the sofa at home where they belong,” an update to the Facebook page read. “This is better than than winning the lottery!”

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