Little Girl And 3 Pug Siblings Are Adorably Inseparable

A little girl has grown up alongside her three pug siblings, and they are the cutest squad you've ever seen.

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Snack time is a team effort. Via circus_pugs/Instagram

Dog owners know that despite the fur, four legs, tail and the potential to create a flea problem, our canine companions are our children — just as much as our actual human children are our children. They are valued members of our pack, and the love we give to them will be returned tenfold.

So when a newborn baby girl grew up alongside her pug siblings, it’s no surprise that she felt like a member of their crew, after they welcomed her with open paws. Kennedy, the human, has two Pug brothers (Barnum and Bailey) and one Pug sister (Tahlulabelle). The four of them are basically always together, and their sibling shenanigans are documented by Kennedy’s mother, Shannon, on Instagram @circus_pugs.

Here are some of their sweetest adventures together.

P.S. If this isn’t the epitome of #SquadGoals, then we don’t know what is.

1. 5-Second Rule

When the pugs were all more than willing to gobble up Kennedy’s fallen food scraps. Teamwork!

2. Family Nap Time

When one decides to crash, they all crash together.

3. Jammin’ On Their Planner

When they all pondered what their 2016 resolutions should be.

4. Endless Baby Giggles

That time Kennedy seemed to communicate with Barnum and Bailey using screams, squeals and giggles.

5. Sweater Weather

When they collectively welcomed the chilly season in style.

6. Family Circus

When they were proud to have Kennedy as their Ring Leader.

7. Playtime Democracy

When toy selection was a family decision to be made.

8. Wake-Up Call

And when they all started the day together, like tiny, super cute balls of energy. *Sigh*

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