Girl Battling Cancer Gets Surprise Visit From Four-Legged Star Of ‘A Dog’s Purpose’

It was a wish come true for 12-year-old Brooke Mulford.

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Brooke was visited by Trip, a Golden Retriever who stars in "A Dog's Purpose." Via Amy Stanton Mulford/Facebook
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Dogs touch our lives in so many ways. They provide us with companionship. They help us to understand love and compassion. They bring us light on the darkest of days.

Brooke Mulford needed some light in her life. Mulford is 12 years old and battling cancer. She’s had more than her fair share of bad days, but recently she found some much-needed happiness thanks to the people behind the movie, “A Dog’s Purpose.”

Mulford got to watch the movie, based on the book written by W. Bruce Cameron, at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where she’s been staying since January, ABC News reports. She also got a visit from one of the movie’s four-legged stars.

“It’s been really hard to see her that way. She’s in so much pain,” her mother, Amy Mulford of Voorhees, New Jersey, told ABC News, “and then we get to see this movie that she wanted to see so badly and then to get to meet the dog from the movie… it was the best day we’ve had in so long.”

Such an amazing day! Brooke got an autographed copy of the book A Dog’s Purpose and T shirts from the movie from W….

Posted by Amy Stanton Mulford on Saturday, March 11, 2017

Mulford was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma in 2009. She underwent six rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, two stem cell transplants and radiation, but the cancer still spread to her spine. In January, she had surgery to remove a tumor that had grown in her brain. Since then she’s been hospitalized at CHOP.

“It’s just about trying to get her comfortable,” Amy told ABC News. “She’s not been able to walk for three weeks now. She can’t stand anymore.”

When “A Dog’s Purpose” came out on January 27, Brooke really wanted to see it. The family film, which came under fire after a clip showing a dog seemingly struggle to perform a stunt was leaked to the media, showcases the bond between man and man’s best friend. It follows the story of a devoted dog who finds the meaning of his existence through the people in his life.

Brooke’s mother posted her wish to see the movie on social media, which reached Cathryn Michon, the screenwriter for the film and Cameron’s wife.

Brooke got a personalized copy of the novel. Via Amy Stanton Mulford/Facebook

Michon and Cameron helped set up a screening in the hospital for Brooke on March 11. They also sent her a personalized copy of the novel and T-shirts promoting the film.

“Bruce and I admire Brooke for having such grace for all she has had to endure,” Michon wrote on Facebook. “She is brave and kind and the world is better for her being in it. That’s why everyone was so inspired to grant her request.”

And perhaps best of all, she got a surprise visit from Trip, the Golden Retriever who stars in the film, and his handler Jennifer Henderson. In the movie, Trip plays the role of Bailey, which is also the name of Brooke’s own Golden Retriever.

“The fact that so many people came together to make this happen for her was just incredible to me,” Amy said.

Sounds like everyone involved had a purpose: to create a beautiful memory for a very deserving little girl.

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