Gimo The Cat Has Giant Owl Eyes That Are Always Full Of Worry

One look into Gimo the cat's giant eyes and you will never be able to look away.

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Nothing compares to Gimo's ginormous peepers.Via 1room1cat/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Most cats are pretty chill, and live their lives one day (and one catnap) at a time.

Not Gimo. This tiny cat with the giant eyes looks like he’s always living on the edge, and his facial expressions make it seem like he’s about to either attack you, save your life or snuggle you to death. You never can tell, but based on his Instagram (@1room1cat) adventures, he seems like a lover, not a fighter.

Because Gimo has such a unique look — he’s basically a ball of black fluff with two massively captivating yellow eyes — his everyday shenanigans are so very entertaining.

Here are our favorite moments of Gimo being Gimo.

1. Secretly plotting the destruction of Kermit

“You think your place on that high shelf keeps you out of my reach? HA.”

2. Gravely concerned for your emotional state

????✨ #cat #gimo #babygimo #동공미남 #눈에별떴긤 A photo posted by bellcat (@1room1cat) on

“Whatever is going on, just know that I’ve got your back.”

3. Doing the classically lovable head tilt

“You know you love me. Why fight these feelings?”

4. Finally teaching this tickle toy who’s boss

“This. Ends. NOW.”

5. Convinced he just met his evil twin

“But but but, he looks… like me?!”

6. Eager to hydrate

미어캣이고요?! #cat #gimo #babygimo #meerkat #미어캣이긤 #섰긤 A photo posted by bellcat (@1room1cat) on

“You really think that tiny dish is really all the H2O I need in a day? Pshh.”

7. Not in the mood for your antics

“I said, NO CAMERAS!”

8. Sleeping like the incredible weirdo he is

예.. 고양이 맞습니다ㅎ o<-<….. #cat #gimo #babygimo #떡기모 #졸립긤 A photo posted by bellcat (@1room1cat) on

“Wait, don’t all cats sleep this way?”

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  • What a cutie pie… And, I love his beautiful Emerald eyes… ????????????

    Carol Keegan March 2, 2016 8:59 am Reply
  • What a sweet little baby. He is just the cutest. I loved the pictures, I’ll bet he is just a blast. I have 6 rescue cats that all look different. I do have one tortious she’s so beautiful Give Gimo a big hug and kiss from all the Kitties at the Tveten household!

    Dana Tveten March 2, 2016 10:57 am Reply

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