Gimme Kittens

Cute kitten photos are a great breath of fresh air between assignments.

In between planning for Cat College, visiting Tippi Hedren’s wild cat sanctuary, and the more mundane tasks of dotting i’s, crossing t’s and writing cover blurbs for Cat Fancy’s May issue, a short breather is more than welcome. And what better way to fill in that rare pocket of time than looking at pictures of cute kittens?

Last week, my fellow editors and I cooed and oohed over the absolutely adorable pictures that readers sent in of their kittens for the cute kittens contest in CAT FANCY magazine and on We voted for our favorites, which wasn’t an easy task. Like the picture of Moe, whose kitten curiosity shines through as he carefully inspects the toy in front of him, or Skooter, who seems to be saying, “I’m here, world,” all these pictures reminded me of how much I love kittens. Let’s face it: Resistance is futile.

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