Gift Ideas for Cats

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, offers advice on holiday gifts for cats.

Q: What are some good gift ideas for my cat?

A: I am so glad you asked that question. During the hectic holiday season, sometimes we leave our cat off our Christmas lists. That can’t happen too easily in my house, because Christmas is a busy day for a cat sitter. While people enjoy the holiday elsewhere, I go all over the city taking care of their cats.

My cats Roscoe, Lester and Cameo are pretty verbal about their treats, so they each get a new catnip toy to play with before I start my holiday rounds. Some of my clients leave me new cat toys to give their cats on Christmas day and I always bring one as well. Sometimes I feel like Santa for cats, but it makes me happy to know they are happy.

Pet stores carry many holiday-related toys, treats and gifts for cats and cat lovers. You can find stockings filled with goodies, toys filled with catnip, balls with bells, colorful crinkle balls, fishing pole toys and pen lights (make sure you never shine anything in your cats’ eyes please). Food and water bowls with cat motifs make a nice gift; if you want to remember friends’ cats, many pet stores offer gift cards.

I like to make cat toys out of multicolored pipe cleaners and it’s so easy and inexpensive. You can buy 20 for about $1 at the local craft store. Twirl them into a spiral and toss them across the floor for your cats. These are a big hit in my home and my house calls. For bored cats, I also like cat videos that show scenes of birds, small animals and nature or a bird feeder attached to the outside of a closed window.

Our feline friends can be finicky, so don’t spend a lot of money. I remember one client bought an 8-gallon covered fishing tank filled with fish so her cats Felix and Oscar could watch them. Well, just like a cat, they got bored after awhile and amused themselves elsewhere. But my client found the fish tank very relaxing, so it all worked out.

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy holiday season. As always I welcome your stories and comments.

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