Giant Puppy Named Fluffy Needs A Forever Home

This giant puppy has a giant heart to match.

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Literally a giant softie. Via Dogs Trust/The Dodo
Chrissa Hardy

If you’ve ever wanted a furry friend who is your size or bigger, then Fluffy, a Caucasian Shepherd Dog, is the pup for you.

She’s just 10 months old and already weighing in at almost 100 pounds, according to The Dodo. Fluffy was found on the streets of North Devon, England, and brought to a local Dogs Trust rescue center, where she is currently working with trainers to learn her strength and how to walk on a leash.

“She’s very lively, bouncy and playful,” Kayla Maryon, press officer for Dogs Trust, told The Dodo. “She loves toys and lots of fuss.”

Look at that face! Via Dogs Trust/The Dodo

Dogs Trust is unsure of her background, but told The Dodo that she shows no signs of trauma from her time on the street, is healthy, and can be adopted immediately.

“She would be perfect in a large home with someone who is around for most of the day. And especially someone with experience of large breeds who is prepared to put in lots of training,” Maryon said.

Fluffy is just a gentle giant. Via Dogs Trust/The Dodo

Due to her large size, which could reach up to 200 pounds, Dogs Trust is looking for an adult and teenage-only home for Fluffy that will give her plenty of exercise.

Dogs Trust is currently reviewing several applications for Fluffy, but you can help fund Fluffy’s continued training and care, along with the other dogs at Dogs Trust, by making a donation.

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