Giant Ice Ball Keeps Cats Busy For Way Longer Than You’d Expect

Looking for ways to help your feline friends cool off this summer? Make them a giant ice ball!

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Well this has turned into a furry ice party.

Cats might not like water, but they loooovvvvee ice.

In a video uploaded to YouTube last week, a bunch of cats happily take turns enjoying a giant ball of ice.

The ice ball was easy enough to make: Simply fill a balloon with water, freeze and then remove the ballon. (Do we smell a DIY project coming on?)

The cats seem to throughly enjoy it, lapping the sphere’s cool surface for a long time. One of the smaller cats even decides it needs to be closer to the ice and actually climbs into the ice ball dish, wet paws and all.

Probably the funniest part of the video is when one cat accidentally steps into the dish and FREAKS OUT when its paw gets wet.

So if you’d like to keep your cats busy for hours and hours, a giant ice ball is the way to go.

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