Giant Gourami Weaned off Kit Kats

Fish raised on Kit Kats eats a healthier diet

What will you do for a Kit Kat Bar? A chocolate loving giant gourami has finally been weaned off its diet of Kit Kat bars by staff at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium. The previous owner apparently fed the fish the chocolate bar exclusively its entire life until it was given up to the aquarium. The staff had no prior knowledge of its diet at the time, and as they fed it more traditional food, Gary refused to eat. When staff finally found out, Gary, the more than 8lb fish was given a break from his chocolate fix by the aquarium staff, which crushed bits of Kit Kat into grapes in an effort to improve his diet.

“Gary is eating very well and now eats a variety of fruits, including bananas,” said Sophie Lilley, press officer at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium. “He is not over weight and inline with the other Gourami’s we house in the tank,” she said.

Gary apparently isn’t the only animal at the aquarium that had to go through a rehoming process, which brings a point about choosing animals carefully. The aquarium has a tank dedicated to homeless fish, what some fishkeepers call the “tank buster” tank, because it houses fish that outgrew their previous owner’s aquariums. In addition to fish, the aquarium has also acted as foster care to quite a few Terrapins that the owners, for whatever reason, gave up to the aquarium. Carter urges prospective buyers of fish and other animals to do their research on each individual animal to determine the commitment that it takes to properly care for and raise the animals.


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