Ghenghis Khan Wins Best of Breed

Martha Stewart's Chow Chow, Ghenghis Khan, wins Best Of Breed at the Westminster Dog Show.

The grandson of Stewart’s previous Chow, Paw Paw, and the son of last year’s Westminster Chow Chow breed winner, Ghenghis followed in his family’s paw-prints with today’s win. 

As with any of Martha Stewart’s pets, this is certainly not his first time in the limelight. You might recognize the fluffy pup from the Martha Stewart Show and website and also the PetSmart ads featuring Stewart’s line of dog products.

Ghenghis Khan came to live with Martha Stewart and her French Bulldogs Francesca and Sharky in January 2010. He was named for Sewart’s dog Ghenghis Khan the First, who was killed in a Pennsylvania kennel fire.

In preparation for the big day, Ghenghis slept peacefully at the Plaza Hotel and there are reports that he was seen eating a meal in the Plaza dining room.

Stewart proudly tweeted after the win, “Ghenghis khan did it! Best of Breed at Westminster!!!!Big Deal.”

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