Getting Ready for a New Puppy

How much sanitizing of former dogs' items is necessary?

Q: I have had two dogs in the past 24 years and will be getting a new puppy soon. When preparing the dog run for the puppy, is there any thing special I should do to clean it up? I am wondering about the smells of the other dogs. What about the crate? Is it best not to pass along toys to the puppy from my previous dog? I plan to get some new things, but I have quite a few that I didn’t have the heart to get rid of when my dog passed.

A: Unless a contagious disease caused the death of your last dog, it’s fine to pass along his or her toys to your new pup. Just wash them in hot, soapy water and rinse them well. Same with the old dog’s crate — just scrub it down to make it fresh and clean for the new puppy.

As for the dog run, take a scrub brush to the fence wire, with soapy water containing a little bleach, and then rinse it well. If the floor of the run is concrete, you can scrub it down with the same soapy/bleach water. If the floor of the run is gravel or sand, consider replacing it with fresh.

If your former dog’s death was caused by a contagious disease, you should not pass along his toys to the pup and you will need to sanitize the crate and dog run more stringently. If that’s the case, ask your veterinarian’s advice on products and procedures for safely sanitizing everything before the new pup arrives.


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