Getting A Ferret Friend For Your Ferret

When is a ferret too old to have a new ferret introduced into the household?

Q: We have a 1-year-old fuzzy male named Pauly. Is he too old to introduce a new fuzzy for a playmate? We have a cat and dog that he enjoys playing with, or harassing might be a better word, but the cat will not wrestle with him and — for Pauly’s safety — we do not let the dog interact too much. Pauly is neutered and de-scented if that makes a difference. He is a really good little guy, never bites and seems happy. His cage is certainly large enough for a friend. Should we get him a friend?

A: A ferret is never too old for a friend. One year of age is not too old to add a new ferret to the home, and this new friend should wrestle and play without the necessary supervision like the dog. Try to find a friend that is a similar age and activity level to help with the adjustment. Also make sure you get the new ferret a veterinary checkup and house it in a separate area of the house for 10 days as quarantine before introducing them. Once the new ferret checks out as healthy, let the ferret fun and playtime begin. So, yes, get Pauly a friend.

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