Get Your Dog Regular Vet Checkups

Genetic diseases are unpredictable, but good nutrition and regular checkups help.

Q. What kind of health problems should I anticipate in the future with my Boston Terrier?

A. Every breed has its own list of problems that tend to occur. Even though responsible breeders elect for the healthiest dogs, some breed dispositions persist.
Based on a search of the Veterinary Information Network, your dog may get eye diseases, such as corneal ulceration and glaucoma; a neurologic disease, such as seizures or spinal cord disease; skin diseases, including allergies or infections; hormonal diseases like Cushing’s and thyroid disease; airway diseases, including difficulty breathing; and heart disease, such as valve leakage.
Be aware of the potential diseases and their symptoms, provide a high level of nutrition, and schedule regular veterinary checkups.

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