Get Your Cat Her Very Own Laptop

This may be the perfect gift for the cat who can’t seem to leave you alone when you’re working at your computer.

Every time you sit in front of your computer or laptop, Kitty is right there with you, trying to see what you’re doing. She helps you type, points out where the cursor is on the screen at any given moment or just keeps the keys warm for you by lying on the keyboard. She might be doing all this stuff because she’s so jealous she doesn’t have a laptop of her own.

Now you can remedy that by buying her a laptop made specifically for cats. ‘Tis true. This laptop has a scratch pad keyboard, a fluffy toy mouse and custom wallpaper that you can change whenever you want (or more accurately, whenever your cat wants). Check it out:

For more information on the Cat Scratch Laptop, visit

Is this a product your cat would like?

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