Get Lost and Found

Check out our must-see list of GPS devices that help locate and track lost dogs.

See a sampling of GPS systems.

Beyond the initial cost, some GPS tracking systems typically have monthly fees and yearly contracts, with most costing about $15 per month. All GPS systems emit the same electromagnetic frequency as a typical cell phone and are recommended for dogs weighing more than 15 pounds.

Garmin Astro
A handheld receiver with a color screen monitors up to 10 dogs at a time, with purchase of additional collars. Sensitive transmitters are attached to the dogs’ collars and work best in flat, open spaces. Designed for hunters and field work with battery life lasting approximately 24 hours and tracking limited to a radius of up to 9 miles. Both the 220 and 320 models can track up to 10 dogs and are the same price, but differ slightly in features.
$649.99, includes transmitter, receiver, and collar. No monthly fees.

Love My Pets GPS
Internet and phone live tracking are available. Compatible with iPhones. Although this system uses the Sprint coverage network, phone users do not have to be Sprint subscribers.
$129.95, includes collar and transmitter; $19.95 one-time activation fee; $14.95 per month

RoamEO Pet Monitor System
Live tracking through a handheld color receiver capable of tracking up to three dogs, with purchase of additional collars. Geofencing available, but battery life is approximately 24 hours so this is best suited for hunters and hikers.
$279 , includes transmitter, receiver, and collar. No monthly fees.

SpotLight GPS Pet Locator and SpotLite GPS Pet Locator
Blackberry and iPhone users currently have access to the live map app, but any cell phone user can receive text alerts. Geofencing capabilities and a “rescue” button both alert the owner when the dog leaves a “safe zone.” The SpotLite version doesn’t have a flashing LED and removable battery.
$249.99, includes SpotLight transmitter; $14.99 per month
$149.99, includes SpotLite transmitter (does not have an LED light or removable battery); $14.99 per month

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