Get It Together

One of the really fun parts of my job is that I get to test out new products along with my birds. Sometimes they love the product, sometimes they ignore it, and sometimes only one of them loves it. You never know what is going to happen.

On this latest occasion, I was testing a playgym. This particular gym had to be put together. I took it out of the box and put it on the floor of the bird room and settled in to put it together. Both birds were looking down on me with heads cocked to the side. Tampa, my puppy, decided he was afraid of the big box and wouldn’t come near me or the playgym.

I opened all the packages, took out the pieces and began to try and piece it together. I only made it by about the third of the way before I had to unfold the directions. Like most people, I hate to have to look at the directions, and I was not happy to have to resort to them with this supposedly easy-to-assemble gym. The directions didn’t help. Not only does one of the pieces not fit, but I broke another one trying to put it in. After about an hour (I was also watching a comedy on TV while I was doing this, so it really didn’t take me that long!), I gave up.

The playgym and its pieces are on the floor of my birdroom. This makes me really sad as the birds and I never even got to test it. Of course, this could all be user error. However, I wonder if the manufacturer took about 10 people off the street and had them try to assemble it? I highly doubt it, as the instructions are way too vague. Also, why would one of the pieces just break? I’m not even that strong. And lastly, why is there always one piece that is just the wrong size. There seems to be always one, no matter what you are trying to assemble. This is why I prefer to purchase my bird cages, gyms and toys already assembled. That way, I know what I’m getting. On the bright side, I certainly entertained the birds.

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