Get In Some Cardio With Your Dog At This Fitness Center

Radcliff, Kentucky, is home to The Lost Pound Fitness and Pet Center where dogs can exercise, too.

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Dogs are welcome to exercise at The Lost Pound Fitness and Pet Center. Via The Lost Pound Fitness and Pet Center/Facebook
John Virata

Do you live near Radcliff, Kentucky, and need to hit the treadmill but don’t want to leave your dog behind? The Lost Pound Fitness and Pet Center might be the work out spot for you.

The fitness center, which opened earlier this month after its owners spent the last six months building it out, enables you and your dog to exercise together, according to Wave 3 News.

While it is not a new concept (other such dog/people gyms exist), it might just be the first one in Kentucky where you can run on a treadmill right alongside your dog on his own. Currently there are five members of the fitness center, including Jimmy Russell, who signed up with his 7-year-old Rottweiler, Marquis.

“I’ve never heard of anything for pets like this,” Russell told Wave 3 News. 

“Usually we don’t put him on there [the treadmills] for more than 10 minutes because he hasn’t been exercising a lot,” Russell added. News, Weather & Sports

The facility first started out as a non-profit rescue, but after partners Norma Cooper and Toshie Murrell read about the issue of obesity with pets they made additions and built a gym where people and their dogs could work out together.

“Every family has a pet it seems like and obesity is just as unhealthy for pets as it is for people,” Murrell told Wave 3. “It’s just about bringing a service to the community that was lacking.”

Marquis gets in some cardio at The Lost Pound Fitness and Pet Center. Via Wave 3 News

Cooper and Murrell hope to add obedience and fitness classes to their offerings at the fitness center. The center is not only for working out; members can also take advantage of the facility’s doggie daycare program, of which about 15 dogs are enrolled. The facility services nearby Ft. Knox, whose military personnel drop their dogs off when they have to travel out of town.

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