Get Fit With Your Dog

New book helps you and your dog get in shape.

With the new year upon us, it’s time to kick-start your resolution to get healthy.  But don’t forget your canine companion — many dogs are overweight — and who better to be your workout buddy than your best friend?

In the new book “Get Fit With Your Dog: A Companion Guide to Health” by Karen Sullivan, you’ll find plenty of tricks and tips to help you both get in shape.

To achieve overall health and well-being, many things are necessary. The book takes a holistic approach, shedding light on the many factors that affect both human and canine health: age, weight, nutrition, exercise, etc. Full of helpful hints and facts, lifestyle questionnaires (for both you and your dog), diet information, and exercises, this guide gives you plenty of information on not just what to do, but why you should do it.

Sullivan’s suggestions can help you maximize your physical activity during simple activities like walks and fetch and other exercises on land and in water.

From warming up — dogs need stretching, too — to cooling down, this book has all you need to know about getting healthy with your dog and, most importantly, how to maintain your regimen.

There are many benefits to an active lifestyle. Both you and your dog will enjoy having more energy and a stronger bond, so why not start today?

“Get Fit With Your Dog: A Companion Guide to Health” by Karen Sullivan is on sale now. 

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