Get a Bird

Get a Bird

Get the resources you need when getting a pet bird.

Nanday Conure Bird Species

Bird Breeders

Are you looking for a particular bird species as a pet or just want to find the perfect parrot to bring home? Look no further than the BirdChannel Bird Breeders section! Pick your state and look up breeders are in your area. Check out Bird Breeders section. If you want more information about bird breeding, go to Bird Breeder on BirdChannel to find tips from the bird breeder experts, information on bird aviaries and more.

Bird Adoption/Rescue

Looking to adopt a pet bird from a pet bird rescue or organization? Consult the Bird Adoption/Rescue list for a rescue and organization near you, plus contact information to learn more about the pet birds that are ready to be adopted.

For more information about adoption, also check out the Bird Adoption section at

African Grey Bird Species

Choosing A Pet Bird

When it’s time to choose your pet bird consider these important questions: What kind of bird do you want? What kind of bird would fit my life? All these questions can be answered with the Choosing A Pet Bird section of Find out which parrot species ranks highest for talking ability, which are the most playful, the best birds for families or find out more information about a particular species. Check out the Choosing A Pet Bird section.


Cockatiel Bird Species

New Bird Shopping

Before you get your new pet bird, find out what you’ll need to help it thrive in your home with the New Bird Shopping section on BirdChannel. Find out what toys and playstands are best for your pet bird, learn all about the importance of perches and get tips on picking the right cage for your pet bird. With the New Bird Shopping section of, you’ll find everything you need to welcome your pet bird home.