German Shepherd Stray Becomes K-9 With Police Department In North Carolina

Rousey was taken off the streets and trained as a narcotics-detection dog.

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Rousey when she arrived at Throw Away Dogs, left, and training to become a narcotics detection dog. Via Throw Away Dogs/Facebook
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Rousey, a German Shepherd Dog who was rescued off the streets of York County, Virginia, last summer, has gotten a second lease on life, not as someone’s pet, but as a K-9 dog.

Rousey was rescued by the Philadelphia-area nonprofit Throw Away Dogs, so malnourished her ribs were protruding and her coat was thinning. The nonprofit, which places stray dogs with police departments, had high hopes that she would make it as a police dog.

Rousey with her partner Officer Chris Shelton of the Rocky Mount Police. Via Throw Away Dogs/Facebook

Rousey with her partner Officer Chris Shelton of the Rocky Mount Police. Via Throw Away Dogs/Facebook

And after 10 weeks of intensive training, Rousey graduated April 30 in Roanoke and became a K-9 dog with the Rocky Mount Police Department in North Carolina, according to Rousey is partnered with Rocky Mount Police Officer Chris Shelton.

“She’s definitely home,” Throw Away Dogs founder Carol Skaziak told “I don’t have a doubt in my mind that she will be phenomenal.”

After Rousey, named after Mixed Martial Arts fighter Ronda Rousey, was nursed back to health, she was sent to be trained as a patrol and detection dog at the Winchester, Virginia, police department. It didn’t go well there, according to, because the department thought she wasn’t suitable as a patrol dog. Through the grapevine, the Rocky Mount Police Department had heard about Rousey and jumped at the chance to take her in as a drug-detection dog.

Throw Away Dogs last year placed three stray dogs into police organizations, one each in the states of Maryland, Indiana and Maine. This year, Throw Away Dogs has placed six dogs, including Rousey. These dogs are placed with police departments at no charge.

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