5 Skills German Rex Cats Have Mastered That Make Them Perfect Circus Performers

Cirque du Soleil ain't got nothing on the acrobatic German Rex.

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And for my final trick... Via oneworldbengals/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The German Rex is a sprightly, frisky feline who is also whip-smart. When you combine these traits you get a cat who can not only perform acrobatic tricks, but also execute them on demand. While some believe their crimped, woolly coat is their most beloved feature, it’s hard not to ignore their serious athletic ability.

Here are five skills that prove the German Rex is ready for their shot as acrobats under the big top.

1. They’re experts at interlocking.

2. They can easily bring their back paws to their nose.

3. They can squeeze themselves into small boxes.

4. They’ve mastered the upside down overhead reach.

5. Another skill they’ve mastered? They will not perform without a treat first!

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