German Engineering

With clean lines, high performance, and longevity, the GSP is in a class of its own.

Robin R. of California, never had any brothers or sisters. Instead, she had German Shorthaired Pointers. Her parents fell in love with puppy Montreal Belle while on their honeymoon in Canada, eventually began breeding them, and never looked back. Five decades later, Robin’s dogs are much more than a girl’s best friend.

“My three dogs are always in the house,” she says. “If there’s any noise, they’re great at alerting me.” Robin recalls that the owner of one of her GSPs choked on a carrot while sitting up in her bed.

Eight-year-old Piper Sonoma jumped on her chest. He kept pouncing until the carrot popped out. “I think he sensed urgency, didn’t know what to do, and reacted.”

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