Gerbil Housing Placement

Find a spot where your gerbil can comfortably observe its surroundings.

Gerbils enjoy having their cage in an area where they can actively view their surroundings. Via MunstiSue/Flickr

By Rachael Brugger


gerbil’s natural habitat is the desert. Keep this in mind when deciding on the placement of your small pet’s cage. Gerbils can withstand similar temperatures as humans, so keeping the room 65- to 85-degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. Be sure to keep the cage away from drafts and avoid direct exposure to sunlight, as the tank can intensify the heat.


Put the cage in a room where the gerbil can actively view its surroundings. Usually an office or large hallway works best, away from windows. Gerbils do not mind busy areas because they enjoying watching the activity. Just make sure that it will be in a place that will be supervised, so that small children or other pets will not endanger it.

Remember that gerbils are napping creatures and will probably be awake for part of the night. Refrain from putting the cage in a bedroom if its activity will disturb your sleep.

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