Gerbil Handling Do’s And Don’ts

Ensure safe gerbil handling with these tips.

Do always handle your gerbil close to the ground. Don't ever pick your gerbil up by the tail. marekuliasz/iStock/Thinkstock

By Jessica Cordia

Pet gerbils are small and delicate critters that need to be handled with care. Learn some important gerbil handling tips to ensure your pet gerbil stays comfortable and safe.

Handling Do’s

Always handle your gerbil close to the ground.  Sit on the floor when handling your gerbil. If your gerbil wiggles free, it won’t get hurt as easily. Linda Stern, DVM at Avian and Feline Hospital in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, said, “Gently handle your gerbil with a towel and cup it in your hand.” The towel will protect your hand from biting, and the gerbil will feel snugger.

Handling Don’ts

Never pick up your pet gerbil by the tail. Its tail will come off, and it won’t grow back. Avoid grabbing your gerbil by the scruff. Stern said that picking up your gerbil by the scruff stresses it out, and it could hurt its eyes.

Handling Reminders

Stay calm when you handle your pet gerbil. The calmer you are, the less afraid your gerbil will be. Always be gentle and don’t squeeze your gerbil. Remember that your gerbil is small, so handle it delicately.

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