Gerbil Grooming

Follow these suggestions to maintain healthy gerbil fur and skin.

Gerbils are low-maintenance pets that groom themselves. Via Jeroen/Flickr

By Jessica Cordia

There is no need to buy brushes, combs, shampoos or blowers because gerbils groom themselves. Pet gerbils groom continuously throughout the day. If your pet gerbil gets dirty, it will usually clean itself.

Even though you don’t have to groom your pet gerbil, Laurie Hess, DVM, Fine Animal Hospital, Bedford Hills, N.Y., has some suggestions to make grooming easier for your pet gerbil:

  • Provide it with a good diet to keep its skin and fur healthy.
  • Use a nondusty bedding like recycled paper. Wood shavings might make your pet dirty.
  • Don’t use grooming sprays. They could be harmful if ingested.

Pet gerbils are low maintenance, so spend the extra time playing with your pet!

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