George And Amal Clooney Adopt ‘Unwanted’ Dog, Give To Parents As Gift

The famous couple, who is known for past rescues, found a forever family for a sweet dog with a birth defect.

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George and Amal Clooney gave Nate a chance at a better life. Via LoveForMuttsRescue/Facebook and George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin/Facebook

The new year often brings new beginnings, and for Nate the dog, this couldn’t be any truer.

The dog — whose life was uncertain only months ago — was rescued by George and Amal Clooney and given to the actor’s parents as a Christmas gift, WCPO Cincinnati reports.

Nate’s story begins when he was found living in the home of a hoarder along with 22 other bigger, stronger dogs. Born with a birth defect impacting one leg, he was easily overpowered by the other resident canines. But then Carol Roberts took him into her home.

Nate - found in the home of a hoarder - begins his road to a normal life. Via GoFundMe

Nate, who was found in the home of a hoarder, underwent surgery to help improve his mobility. Via GoFundMe

“He was comatose,” Roberts, the owner of a rescue operation in Fairfield, Ohio, called LuvFurMutts, told WCPO Channel 9. “He was nothing but bones, not being strong enough to fight for his own food.”

Roberts told the news station she was unsure if Nate, who had surgery in December 2015 to help fix his leg, would ever find a permanent home — then she received a phone call from a woman named “Angel.”

“‘I’m calling for George Clooney from George’s house in England,’” Roberts said, reciting the fateful phone call.

At first, she admitted, she thought it was a joke, but she soon learned the actor and his defense attorney wife had seen the videos of Nate that rescue had posted online.

The Clooney’s informed Roberts they wanted to adopt the dog for George Clooney’s parents, Nina and Nick, who live relatively nearby in Augusta, Kentucky, and recently lost their Terrier of 10 years. And as the end to her chapter with Nate ended, a new one began when she delivered the now energetic pup to a tearful Nina Clooney.

Hollywood Icon George Clooney Comes to LuvFurMutts He Does Not Shop/He AdoptsNate the Terrier’s Redemption…

Posted by LuvFurMutts Animal Rescue on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Nick Clooney summed up the moment, saying it’s “a wonderful way to find a certain part of your life completed in a way that cannot be touched in any other fashion.”

Saving Nate is not a first for the Clooneys. Last fall, the famous couple adopted a Bassett Hound named Lillie, who joined Louie, another rescue.

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