Gassy Cat

Does your cat ever step on a duck? Hear what to do about a cat who farts a lot.

My cat farts a lot, but he’s not sick and doesn’t throw up or anything else. He’s just really gassy. Any ideas?
Becca Smith

You say he’s not sick and that’s good news. You’ve eliminated one of the most likely causes. Here are the three main reasons for cat gas.

  • Cats who pass gas excessively must see the vet. Gastrointestinal issues can be a sign of irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease or parasite infestation.
  • If a cat’s digestive system is A-OK, swallowing too much air might cause the cat’s gas. Is your cat overenthusiastic at mealtimes? The air he might gulp along with his food will have to come out somehow, leading to your cat’s embarrassing problem. (Does he hide when you have company?) Try these two tactics:
  • For a cat who lives with other pets, try feeding them separately so he doesn’t feel competitive.
  • If he’s a single kitty, try feeding him smaller meals more often (distributed yourself or with a programmable slow feeder), spreading his food out in a shallower dish or dividing his meal into a couple of dishes in different areas of your home.
  • Consider his diet. Changing his food — gradually — might fix the problem. And if you’ve been giving him special milk-based treats, stop that. It’s an unfortunate fact that most cats, cream and cheese lovers that they are, are lactose intolerant.
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