Gary the Kitten Looks Worried. Always.

Concerned cat Gary has permanently raised eyebrow fur.

Looking into a kitten’s eyes mesmerizes us. When that kitten also happens to have markings that make him look like he has eyebrows, it can be an entirely different experience.

Meet “Concerned Kitten,” the 8-week-old kitten who has taken the internet by storm this week. Dubbed Gary, after singer Gary Barlow who is known for raising one eyebrow, the white kitten has black lines right above his eyes that make him look like he’s furrowing his brows.

Pet parents Andy and Caroline Entwistle, who live in Bolton, Greater Manchester, U.K., say Gary was one of four kittens born to their cat Luna. They have since found homes for two of Luna’s kittens but decided they couldn’t part with Gary or his sister Amy, who has mobility issues.

The Entwistles, who also have three human children, have been repeatedly asked if Gary’s black markings are drawn on, an accusation they flatly deny. “A lot of people have asked us if they’re drawn on, but they’re really not,” Caroline says. “It would be a bit cruel wouldn’t it really. But if anyone doesn’t believe it, we’re happy to try and rub them off. They’re not going anywhere!”

Mama kitty Luna is described as a “Dalmatian cat,” meaning she is white with black spots. Not unlike Luna, Gary the Concerned Kitten was born white with two black splotches over his eyes.

“As he grew they got bigger and started to spread out,” Andy says. “We started saying how confused he looked so I penned him ‘Concerned Kitten’ and it’s just stuck.”

The Entwistles set up a Facebook page for Concerned Kitten and within the last few days his page has gone viral. A number of articles later, Gary the Concerned Kitten’s own Twitter page soon followed.

Judging from the number of cats who have turned internet sensation into lasting fame, Concerned Kitten just might have a future in the cat career field.

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