Gary the Cat Looks Like a Breaking Bad Character

Does Heisenberg from ‘Breaking Bad’ have a new stunt double?

Being dubbed “Hipster Cat,” this feline sports a goatee that makes him look like a character from the popular television show, “Breaking Bad.”

His perfect little black goatee makes him the spitting (furry) image of the goateed Heisenberg character on the show, sparking the nickname Heisenpurrg for the cat, Mirror reports. The now 7-year-old cat wandered into a yard in Sacramento, Calif. when he was just 3 weeks old, instantly becoming the pet of the home’s owner, Charlene Dahilig.

“Everyone who sees Gary comments on his impressive beard,” Dahilig told Mirror. “I noticed it from the first time I spotted him in our back garden. It stood out as I’d never seen anything like it before. He’s always had his defined goatee, even when he was a tiny kitten. To me he looks like Heisenberg from ‘Breaking Bad.’”

Check out the photos below and let us know if you agree.

To see more photos of Gary, visit his Instagram page.

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