Gardening for Your Cat

A new Cat College video pays dividends for Fudge.

I have been hard at work filming another video for Cat College. This time it was on one of my favorite subjects — gardening.

Fortunately, CatChannel managing editor Nikki Batalis is also a keen gardener, so we brainstormed about plants we could use to plant an edible garden. There are so many wonderful nontoxic plants for cats to enjoy.

Cali used to love to nibble on greenery and flowers and would come out into the patio with me at the first opportunity for a little snack. She also loved wheatgrass next to her food bowl as a side salad to her main meal.

Nikki organized a wonderful selection of plants in terms of different leaf colors and textures. She chose a heuchera as our accent plant. Its common garden name is Palace Purple and it was definitely a royal hit!

On the day of the shoot, which was taking place in my patio, the neighbors decided to renovate and retile their entire living room. The noise was simply deafening, At once stage before the team arrived, I contemplated making a pizza and serving it to the workmen when we wanted to film so that they would be forced to take a lunch break.

As luck would have it, I didn’t have to bother because they literally went off site when we were ready to shoot. Talk about perfect timing.

When everything was planted we took it inside for Fudge’s inspection. The afternoon is her naptime on top of the couch and apart from opening an eye, we had to coax her into curiosity mode.

I am not going to tell you what happened. For that, you will have to watch the video.

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