Games & Activities For High-Energy Parrots

Play these games with your high-energy bird.

When you have an active bird, keeping it busy can be a full-time job. While it’s important that your pet bird knows how to play on its own, enrich both your lives by playing a few games together. These games also help burn off energy — just what a high-energy pet bird needs!

Hop To It!
Set your parrot down in a safe area, and encourage it to hop over to you. Once your pet bird reaches you, give it a treat or verbal praise, and do it again!

Wing Flap
Place your pet bird on your arm or sturdy perch and lower it so your bird flaps its wings to stay on. Go at a pace that causes your bird to flap but not so fast that it can’t hang on. 

Rope Climbing
Parrots have a natural instinct to climb to the highest spot; set up a climbing rope or ladder and encourage your bird to work its way up.

Chase The Ball!
Roll a ball, and “race” your pet bird to get it!

Dance Time!
Turn on the music, face your pet bird and start dancing. Praise your parrot when it starts dancing with you. You might find that whenever the music starts playing, your pet bird starts grooving, too!

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